You have done a beautiful job of capturing our special day! The timing of the music with the photographs is lovely thank you! I did have a chuckle at the ones of me crying!


Please say a big thank you to Donna too, you have both done an excellent job.


Thank you again Ella!


- Charlie and Matt

Hi Ella!


The photos are here!!! They arrived yesterday and I absolutely love them. Thank you so so much!!! May have got a little teary watching the slideshow - such a lovely touch thank you! 

-Hazel and Tom

Omg thank you soooo much for our lovely parcel which we have collected today and have opened this evening. We are loving looking through all the! Brings back all the emotions of the day. We really love the slideshow. We are both really over the moon with all the photos - and you were so right about it being fun me seeing George greeting guests and him seeing me get ready! Really cool! We are both so happy you were our wedding photographer and we've both said we will need to book a photo session with you in the future.

- Briony and George Edwards


''Thanks so much for sending these across-I love them.

They're great, the one where we are against the stone wall where Andrew is pulling a face and I'm laughing has really made me laugh out loud-I love it! ''

-Becky and Andy

Aspire Training

I spent weeks searching for a photographer for our wedding... I wanted a 'fly-on-the-wall' style of photographer, who could capture the essence of the day with zero cringe and unnecessary posing shots. Turns out, it's hard to find a good one. Then one day, I stumbled upon Ella's page. I was immediately drawn to her style of photography, so I dropped her an email. That email was the best decision of the whole wedding process. The sweetest lady replied and from our first meeting I knew we were booking her. The day arrived and it feels like we barely saw Ella, yet we have 600+ photos of the day! We gave her a list of the group shots we wanted and they were all done quickly and efficiently. For the rest of the day she just seemed to blend in with the guests (our guests have referred to her as the 'ninja photographer'!) and as a result the pictures are amazing. The slideshow to the music of the day that she made us reduced me to a blubbering mess. She has captured everything. Every look, every expression, every funny moment. We have photos that we will treasure forever and we can't ever thank Ella enough. So.... basically, what I'm saying is.... if you're getting married, or know someone who is, you can stop searching. Email Ella and it'll be the best decision of your whole wedding


- Sooz and Steve 



Oh my gosh! I don’t even know where to start! 

We absolutely LOVE the photos! And I mean really LOVE them! They are amazing! You’re so talented!!!! Everybody we’ve sent them to love them as well! 

We are so in love!!!!! I had to post on Instagram ASAP to show everyone. 

Thank you both again so so sooo much! We couldn’t be happier! 

Please let us know how we need to select them for our album and what the maximum amount is that we can pick! 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!!!!!! 

Harriet & James x

Ella the photos are amazing! I've cried and cried and cried again, it's like re-living the whole day again through the slideshow! Thankyou so much, could we have your address so we can send a card! Thanks...They're just fantastic, it's so nice to have them and sit through and experience all the emotions over again! 

- Heather and Chris

Ella, thank you soooo much for posting our photos!! Sorry we missed you.You have made our Sunday! We have had a lovely afternoon snuggled in sofa I cried lots of happy tears the photos are beautiful we are both so happy and can't wait to share with family n friends. Thanks again for all yours and Donnas hard work we will be in touch soon...we both can't thank you enough best wedding gift ever! I am certain you will have a shelf full of awards coming your way! I watch our slideshow every week and every time it takes me back to our special day as if I was walking through it all over again ! You both work so hard and went above and beyond!!our family n friend had nothing but lovely words about you n so impressed with your photography like a said in cared you truely have a gift for capturing every special moment and listened to everything we discussed.We pass your details on at any given opportunity can't wait to get a beautiful canvas done. Hope to see you again in future, wishing you all the best! Take care x


- Tracey and Andy 

Hi Ella, 

Wow, wow, wow!!!!! I am so in love with our wedding photos!!!

I picked the parcel up this evening, I literally love the packaging and then to sit and watch the slideshow is amazing!!!

Thank you so much for spending so long on these beautiful photos! 

Also never mind the photos of me and Michael... I LOVE the photos of us and the dogs!!!!! Haha

Thank you again so sooo much!!! 

I want another excuse to take lots of photos! Haha 

Lots of love 

Mr and Mrs Hindle 💖

'I've been meaning to email since last night as we received our beautiful photos when we got home last night - thank you so much! We love them and you captured the day brilliantly! There are some unbelievably beautiful ones, they are so lovely to have and wonderful to have such a special day captured so well.'

I have already put some up around the house!

-Charlotte Gallier Pratt

We wanted to thank you for the work you and your mum did on the day of our wedding. It was lovely having you both photograph the wedding, you made it feel like one of our friends was doing the photos for us and many of the guests commented on how lovely and good you both were. 

My mum was especially complimentary. All in all we know we made the right choice and are so pleased you could share our day. 


- Sarah and Peter


''They arrived. I ADORE them. Thank you.

Honestly your pictures were truly beautiful.''

-Arabella and George Galliars-Pratt


I’m not really sure where to start as I’m feeling so emotional.

The photos are so incredibly lovely, beautiful, funny, flawless and meaningful and watching them on the slideshow with the music truly had me in tears. 

Thankyou so much to you and your mum for making it all feel so natural and fun. We barely noticed you taking the photos and you’ve captured such amazing moments. 

It makes us realise what amazing friends and family we have when you see everyone having so much fun.

Thankyou again.

I can’t say what it means.

'I am so in love with our wedding photos ! You are amazing, they are truly beautiful!


Thank you for all your help on the day and making it so special!' - Jennifer Lynch.